The Experience Tour 2.0 Tickets

The Experience Tour 2.0 Tickets

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Welcome to the second leg of The Virtual Experience Tour: Home is Wherever you Are! Version 2.0 comes with some upgrades- we’ve added more time zones, and new cities where SK will dish out his favorite memories and we’ve even added some new physical locations! ALL shows on this tour are virtual. We repeat: ALL shows on this tour are virtual. The new exception is that an extremely limited number of in person tickets will be available for those in-venue shows. SK will stream live from a venue and we will have an extremely limited number of in person tickets available. 

IMPORTANT NOTE: You do NOT need to be in the city to watch the show.  All shows are open to everyone. There are no physical tickets for these shows. You will receive an email from Dale 3 days prior to the show with information.  
Live From Venue: Wednesdays SK will live stream from one of our favorite venues. Limited in person tickets will be available while supplies last directly from the venue’s website: Warehouse at FTC HERE. Club Passim HERE.
Deep Dive Thursdays: (listed as DDT below and in the dropdown menu) On these nights SK will dive deep into an entire album or a special song theme. Get the stories behind the songs.
Shows where the city is listed in quotation marks: These are classic “Experience Tour” shows where you’ll submit requests, see special guest interviews and hear SK explain the philosophies behind a different chapter of his new book.

Meet & Greet Info: There will be Meet & Greets before and after each show in an effort to keep groups small.

QUESTIONS? Email Dale at 

9.3 Deep Dive Thursday | Gift Horse | 5p PT/8p EDT
9.11 "Washington, D.C." | 5p PT/8p EDT
9.12 "Los Angeles, CA" | 7p PT/10p EDT
9.16 Cambridge, MA | Club Passim | 5p PT/8p EDT
9.17 Deep Dive Thursday | Blunderstone Rookery | 5p PT/8p EDT
9.19 "Austin, TX" | 530p PT/830p EDT
9.25 "Tampa, FL" | 5p PT/8p EDT
9.26 "Dublin, IE" | 1p PT/4p EDT/9p IST
9.30 Fairfield, CT | Warehouse at FTC | 5p PT/8p EST | In Person Tickets @ Venue
10.1 Deep Dive Thursday | Love Songs | 5p PT/8p EST
10.14 Cambridge, MA | Club Passim | 5p PT/8p EST
10.15 Deep Dive Thursday | South West | 5p PT/8p EST
10.16 "Ann Arbor, MI" | 5p PT/8p EST
10.17 "Portland, OR" | 7p PT/10p EDT
10.22 Deep Dive Thursday: North East | 5p PT/8p EST
10.28 Fairfield, CT | Warehouse at FTC | 5p PT/8p EST | In Person Tickets @ Venue
10.29 Deep Dive Thursday | B-Sides & Rarities | 5p PT/8p EST
11.5 Deep Dive Thursday | The Bear | 5p PT/8p EST
11.6 "Seattle, WA" | 7p PST/10p EST
11.14 "Evanston, IL" | 5p PT/8p EST
11.19 Deep Dive Thursday | Songs About Family | 5p PT/8p EST