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In honor of The Bear turning 14 years old this year, we unearthed a handful of merch items from The Bear Era:

+ A still shrinkwrapped vinyl of The Bear, in mint condition!

This vinyl test pressing of The Bear album is the last 5 of 5 with the vinyl only sequencing including “May Day.”  The jacket is signed by SK. The vinyl has been scratched but still plays. In listening there was a single skip on “A (with love)” and “Oh Adeline” though someone who knows more about vinyl then KFS could likely wipe it down.  Side B played totally clean.  Nonetheless,  A collectors item!

+ This professional photograph of Kit Karlson “ Goose”, Stephen Kellogg “Skunk” and Brian Factor “Boots” is autographed by Stephen and is from the Bear era. Get yours framed and makes for some cool memorabilia!

+The Bear CD- original pressing and autographed by SK

+ Another copy of The Bear CD - shrinkwrapped

+ Still In great condition, this “Shady Esperanto and the Young Hearts” t-shirt is a fan favorite! Only 1 left in size XL and the color is a cool blue with white and red writing. Grab it while it’s still available!