South West North East Double Vinyl (Autographed By SK)

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This four part album released in 2015 was recorded in four different regions of the country with four different co-producers and bands.  

1. High Horse (South)
2. The Wild Heart (South)
3. The Open Heart (South)
4. Best of Me (South)
5. Rich Man (South)
6. We Say Goodbye (West)
7. Almost Woke You Up (West)
8. Those Kids (West)
9. Wallpaper Angel (West)
10. Mother and Child (West)
11. Greta Girl (North)
12. Wolf (North)
13. Learn to Live (North)
14. Only Takes a Second (North)
15. Always Gonna Want You (North)
16. Galaxy (East)
17. Barricade (East)
18. H-O-M-E (East)
19. 20 Seconds (Of Silence) (East)
20. Last Man Standing (East)