Kellogg Family Store Mission Statement:

After more than a decade of outsourcing fulfillment, we decided that it was time to run our own merchandise store. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to better serve our listeners' needs, my wife and I felt that it would be a good learning experience for our four daughters to help with the weekly fulfillment of orders. There is something tremendously exciting to everyone here in the Kellogg household about having a family business. Like any good adventure, we'll see, but we're looking forward to figuring it out together and welcome your feedback along the way. Our goal, simply put, is to have great products from music to clothing and accessories, as well as original items that are mostly exclusive to our store that will light up your lives when you receive them. 

We will be having fun with it; posting exclusive memorabilia, gift packs and flash sales for any holiday we can think of (including fan birthdays). Think Disney, but instead of a giant corporation it's a family from Connecticut. I never thought the idea of packing boxes would be something I would be so excited about, but it is.  

We've added an "experiences" section to the store as well. From house concerts and speaking engagements to personalized songs and handwritten lyrics. Not all items will be available all the time, but part of our re-imagining of the store was thinking up things that we would be interested in with artists who we enjoy. Again, we'll see...Thanks for visiting the Kellogg Family Store. We'll be changing the inventory every single month so we hope you'll come back often and let us know how we can better serve you.

All Love, Future's Bright

The Kellogg Family