Q: I want to support Stephen in the best way possible, what's the best way for me to buy music?

A: This is a thoughtful question and different artists have different feelings about it. My answer would be that you should consume the music in whatever format works best for you. I'm happy you're investing in the music and although I don't get as much money for a stream on Spotify as I do for a record purchased at the online store, the most important thing to me is that the music is there to work for you in your life.


Q: How often do orders ship and how long will they take?

A: We weren't kidding when we said it's a family business. We're going to be shipping orders twice a week, every week.

If you have some special needs please include them in the notes and we'll make every effort to accommodate you. As ever we are at the mercy of the USPS and other shipping organizations. Unlike some of the bigger companies that ship, we will be filling orders based on what makes sense for each order. We will track all shipments and would say that to be safe you want to allow up to 2 weeks for delivery (though most orders will come much more quickly). One of the great benefits of having our own store is that we are now able to make shipping costs more reasonable then they have been over the past decade. 


Q: What if I need to return something?
A: We will always do our best to accommodate any reasonable return requests. If you pick out the wrong size, then we are happy to send you the correct size. Drop us a line and send us the item back along with a pre-paid postage envelope and we will send you the exchange right away. You can also meet us out on the road and make exchanges in person. We want you to be happy and in as much as we can afford to make it happen we will.