Kellogg Family Store Mission Statement:

After more than a decade of outsourcing fulfillment, we decided that it was time to run our own merchandise store. Besides the obvious benefit of being able to better serve the needs of our customers, my wife and I felt that it would be a good learning experience for our four daughters to help with the weekly fulfillment of orders. And so it came to pass that on January 25, 2017, the Kellogg Family Store opened it's virtual doors. More than 6,000 orders later, our fledgling adventure has become a true family business. 

Our goal, simply put, is to have great products and experiences that enrich your lives. Everything we offer in this store is something that we hand-picked and believe is awesome. Every order is a celebration and a validation. We change our inventory weekly so we hope you’ll come back often and know how much we appreciate each and every order placed.

Thank you for shopping and sharing the legacy of the Kellogg Family Store. 
The Kelloggs