Keep It Up, Kid

Keep It Up, Kid

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Released in 2022, Keep It Up, Kid is the latest full length album. Featuring singles “It Goes Fast,” “Ride the Rails,” “How To Say Goodbye,” “to the ones who need it most” and the title track, the record features co-writes and production by Welshly Arms’ own Sam Getz and Jimmy Weaver as well as a suite of songs produced by Dave “Cookie Dough” Chalfant. All physical packaging includes lyrics and the vinyl comes in Coke Bottle Green and Classic Black. No matter what the format, this album makes a perfect addition to any music library.  

Side A

to the ones who need it most
Keep It Up, Kid
I Could Forgive
No Salutations
How To Say Goodbye
If Anyone Is Listening
Side B
It Goes Fast
Ride The Rails
Live To Love Another Day
If The Sox Win
letter to a high school sweetheart

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